Virtual Trainer Kettlebell Customer Reviews:


Great app!

Missing just a few a diary for number of rebs and weight used, otherwise it's great!

Nice steady workout

Good program

Grand show old chap

Great videos

Nice and compact videos make downloads quick and easy. Great instructions

Monthly Fees!!!!

I called Sprint yesterday and was told this app charges a $5 a month fee. I was not aware of this when I bought it.


Great app.

Decent app, crisp videos


Kicked my butt!

Great for pt's

Great app for me as a pt. It gave good quality videos and ideas to include into a program. It's not good for beginners who don't understand exercise but great for professionals.

Great video, not much else...

For the price, I expected a lot more. The videos are super clear and top quality, but that's basically all there is. The muscle group guide doesn't do much, and there is ZERO training advice or guidance. How many reps? nope. Beginners workout advice? nope. Core exersizes? Nope. Instruction of any kind? Nope. Instructions on how to use the app? Not even...

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